Symptoms of DePuy Hip Failure

The symptoms will likely vary from person to person; however, you should still consult your medical doctor if you have received a DePuy system subject to the Johnson Johnson recall. The most overt symptoms of a defective DePuy hip implant are: persistent pain, inflammation, loosening of the implant with possible detachment, dislocation of the hip implant or fracture around the bone.  It is important to pay close attention to any changes at the implant site and surrounding area or your overall health condition.  Below are a list of signs and symptoms that may indicate your DePuy hip implant may be causing of your problems.

Symptoms of DePuy Hip Failure:

Loosening caused by  the implant becoming detached from the bone and becomes incorrectly positioned.  Sometimes the bones attached to the implant may fracture causing instability, popping/creaking sounds and severe pain. 

Fracture – bone around the implant may have broken causing loosening of the implant.

Dislocation – the two parts of the implant that move against each other are not aligned

Reaction to metal debris resulting in  soft tissue damage due to metal debris from the ball and socket components of the implant.  This metal debris can cause a local reaction or systemic reaction.  This can cause swelling at the implant site causing local inflammation and swelling.  Because DePuy hip implants contain metal on metal parts, these may rub against each other causing friction and thereby releasing metal debris into the tissue and blood stream. 

Persistent Pain and/or discomfort, varying degrees of pain:  Pain usually begins as mild to moderate and increases in intensity as you walk necessitating the need for crutches or other forms of assistance such as a wheelchair or perhaps even the inability to walk.

Psychological or Emotional Changes:  Can be caused by excessive amounts of the metal debris from the metal on metal depuy system entering the body causing metallosis.  Symptoms of metallosis include increased anxiety, cognitive decline. depression or memory loss.

Other physical reactions could include:  dizziness, fatigue, hearing loss, tissue damage, tumors, tremors, nerve damage, ringing in ears, bone damage, organ damage, and vision problems.

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DePuy Hip Recall

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  • 12,000 Recall Victims
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